Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Christmas has come early! … Well at least for some it has. As heavy snowfall is expected over the coming days, it will prove increasingly difficult for millions to commute to work. With the bad weather causing all types of havoc, as a business and as an employee, it is important for both parties to have a common understanding on how to best manage Mother Nature’s icy plans. Therefore, it is important to be prepared!

So what can employers do? And what options do employees have in terms of disruption? Fear not! We will provide you with ideas on how to keep your workforce happy and productive:

Let staff work flexibly

The bad weather will likely cause severe delays and major disruptions across the tube lines and many other railway lines across the city, therefore, you may want to allow staff to come in to work an hour later. They can always make up the time in the evening.

Allow staff to work from home

In some cases employees can be snowed in, preventing them from coming into work at all. Or perhaps their children’s school is closed and they have childcare responsibilities. To maintain productivity, you could allow staff to work from home or they could take the day as “time off for dependants”, depending on their circumstances. Ensure your employees have remote access and can respond easily to work emails from home.

Allow staff to leave early

If the snow is coming down thick and fast, you may want to let everyone leave early, especially, those that have children that need to be picked up from school or nursery. Bear in mind that if you don’t let staff leave early, it may result in them coming to work late the following day due to the night’s disruptive commute!

Put the heating on!

Make sure everyone is cosy and settled rather than shivering in their chairs. Avoid a furnace though; you don’t want everyone snoozing in their cubicles.
The needs of your workforce are constantly changing. If they feel valued and happy, they will work productively – even in the freezing cold! They will also be happy to go that extra mile when you need them to.

It’s always best to set out such policies in a company handbook so as to ensure a clear understanding of protocol. If you you’d like us to draft such a policy, or you have any employment law or HR-related queries, please get in touch on 0207 226 0570 or abdul@gelbergs.co.uk