Legal Services for Individuals

Your solicitors - Gelbergs offers a comprehensive range of legal services tailored to meet Your Needs - including buying or selling a house, employment matters, family and matrimonial issues, defending or enforcing your rights or helping to get your affairs in order. Our aim is to provide you with the best possible legal services in a timely and cost effective manner.

At Gelbergs we understand that buying a property at an auction can be a daunting process.

People are now living longer than ever before, leading to a vast increase in people unable to deal with their own affairs due to diminished mental capacity.  It is essential that should this happen to you that you have arrangements in place to ensure that your nominated relatives or friends are appointed to look after your needs.  We can handle the complex arrangements needed to create a Power

We all hope we never have to resort to the courts to enforce our rights or defend ourselves. However, if this happens, we are there for you.

A favourable outcome for our clients is always our aim. Litigation should never be entered into lightly but sometimes it can be the only way to resolve a dispute, defend or enforce a claim.

With the unhappy statistic that 1 in 3 marriages end in divorce, should this possibility become a reality, we are experts in handling all types of family matters whether it is a divorce or annulment, separation, financial settlement, cohabitation disputes, Pre- or Post-Nuptial Agreements or issues over children.

We cover every aspect of residential property including conveyancing, re-mortgaging, Right-to-Buy and shared ownership. We offer a straight-forward, efficient service aimed at helping you complete your transaction as successfully as possible.

A will is one of the most important documents you will ever make. You choose not only who will inherit your assets but also who will deal with your estate when you are gone.

If you die without making a will, the law decides who inherits what you own. If you have children under 18, you can appoint a guardian rather than this being left to social services.