Unconscious Bias Workshop - 3rd October 2017 (Kings Cross, Drake & Morgan)

Our Unconscious bias workshop was held on 3rd of October and was totally sold out. The subject matter attracted representatives from different industries and lots of lively debate. Employee engagement consultant, Jasmine Gartner, explained the concept of Unconscious Bias, our very own Jane Johnson discussed the legal challenges and how to combat these, and Zoe Wilson recruitment consultant, demonstrated the practical tips and solutions to avoid unconscious bias in the workplace.

But what is Unconscious Bias?

We thought you’d ask that! Unconscious bias happens when our brains make snap judgments about individuals without us realising it. Such assumptions or biases can stem from our background, our personal experiences or our cultural environment. Examples of bias includes preferring a particular candidate due to them having the same likes or interests as the employer or preferring a candidate because they went to a top tier university, as opposed to a similar candidate who meets the requirements of carrying out the role, but attended a different institution.  The key is to acknowledging any bias and righting it before it becomes discrimination.

To see the highlights from the day click here.

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