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'Prexit' and Brexit Sagas

This week has seen the ‘Prexit’ of Priti Patel from the Cabinet amidst a furore of ‘secret meetings’ held outside the proper ministerial protocol, and the appointment of Penny Mordaunt in her place. This is significant in that Theresa May has replaced one staunch Brexiter with another, presumably to shore up her own precarious administration.

Penalty Clauses: Game-Changer

It is common for contracts to contain terms that are intended to prevent the other party from breaching an agreement, or to punish them financially in the event of a breach.  However, it is very important that these provisions are not classed as penalty clauses. The general rule is that penalty clauses in a contract are not enforceable.

General Election: Who's supporting your Workers Rights?

Democracy is apparently rife at the moment. This time last year we were in the midst of the Brexit campaign – with both the ‘leave’ and ‘remain’ camps finding themselves a permanent branch to perch on in headlines, daily news updates, social media trends, hashtags, and conversations all across the UK. Homes and offices stood divided, and remain so with the unexpected Leave result.


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