Walk the Line 2016 - June 17th - Help us raise £600

Here at Gelbergs, we enjoy nothing more than being involved with events around the local community and helping to support local businesses and charities as well as individuals within Islington.

Ran by local charity Islington Giving we're going to help support the local community and raise money and awareness for the less fortunate.

On June 17th, we're Walking the Line!

Walk the Line Team Challenge involves walking the entire circumference of the Islington Borough, which totals around 13.1 miles; that's a half marathon! Divided into 4 easy-to-walk sections, the walk will guide us through the Kings Cross re-development, Barbican Estate, Regent’s Canal, Tech City and back.  

Last year, we proudly finished the entire 13.1 miles in 4 hours and 45 minutes, which is a triumph for us, given we'd had no training and most of the walk was uphill! We must admit, we got lost a few times following the map!

Tweeting and Instagramming along the way, here are a few snaps from the walk and our very cheery team that took part.

We're aiming to raise £600 for this amazing charity and hope that you'll help us achieve that goal. To donate, please click here!



Published 02nd June 2016