Euro 2016 - An Opportunity To Motivate Staff

With a major sporting event like Euro 2016 around the corner, it is a fantastic opportunity for employees to keep spirits high in the office.

This kind of spectacle can be used as a catalyst to encourage flexible lunchtimes and inter staff competitions, which will make staff enthusiastic about coming to work and their high spirits could lead to higher morale in the work place.

Whether one is a football fanatic, a part time fan or someone that quite frankly does not care, events like these often unite a work place. 81.9% of employees surveyed in the UK were of the opinion that the 2016 European Championships is a good way for colleagues to bond with each other.

We at Gelbergs pride ourselves on keeping staff spirits exuberant. As with most major international football tournaments, the entire company will once again participate in a sweepstake.

Each member of staff picks a team out of a hat and the winner and runner up each will receive a cash prize.

Despite the fact somebody ultimately has to draw England and jealous eyes leer towards the person who pulls France from the hat, the office is a abuzz with discussion between members of staff about which team each member chose, and which country they think will win the tournament.

Applying incentives like this can make staff feel appreciated, which contributes to making employees happy and help improve their work ethic.   It also improves staff intelligence. This was proved by not one, but two members of staff wishing they pulled Brazil out of the hat. Guys…. Last time I checked, Brazil was still, not part of Europe.

These events only come around once every two years and therefore their importance should not be undervalued. They are actually a great opportunity for staff to talk to one another, and to keep everyone focused, especially during the months of June and July where staff can be dreading the sticky tube journey home.

With the U.K population caught up in political frenzy whether we should stay in, out or just in fact, shake it all about, the only Brexit that is for certain, is that Wales, Northern Ireland and if traditional is anything to go by, England, will soon be joining Scotland and be out of the Euros by mid July!

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Published 10th June 2016.