Preventing Sexual Harassment (Workshop): An Intro for Managers HR

It seems with each new day, comes a new story about sexual harassment! This week, the headlines have been dominated by allegations of sexual harassment at a men-only charity gala, named as the President's Club, which was held at the Dorchester. The incident is one of many recent allegations, including those against Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, James Franco and other famous actors and politicians. Coupled with the momentum gained by the #metoo and #timesup movements, ordinary people have felt compelled and empowered to speak about their own experiences of sexual harassment in the workplace. It is important to note that it is not only women who are victims of sexual harassment. Men and those from the transgender community can also be victims of sexual harassment.

As a result, now is more important than ever for employers and businesses to be aware of their legal obligations and how to address and prevent sexual harassment occurring in the workplace. As a forward thinking law firm with a modern and insightful approach, we are always looking at ways of helping businesses deal with common workplace issues. We know that prevention is better (and cheaper!) than cure, and that educating managers is the first step in doing this. For this reason, we recently hosted a half-day workshop covering sexual harassment in the workplace, aimed at managers and HR professionals.

Partner and Head of Employment Law Emmajane Taylor-Moran, together with Employment Solicitor Aida Smajlovic took our delegates through:

• The legal framework and the definition of “harassment” and “sexual harassment” under the Equality Act 2010;
• Practical examples of harassment in the workplace and how to apply the Equality Act 2010 in practice;
• Practical tips on dealing with an allegation of harassment or sexual harassment in the workplace;
• The possibility of sexual harassment giving rise to other claims – including constructive dismissal, direct discrimination and victimisation;
• The importance of policies and procedures;
• An informative and engaging Q&A with our delegates.

The workshop was a great success, and our solicitors particularly enjoyed the interactive and insightful discussions with the attendees throughout the day.
If you missed out on this event, do not worry! This was just one of many workshops that our employment team will be running this year. To keep up to date with our news and events, please follow us on Twitter @gelbergs

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