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Civil Partnerships for Heterosexual Couples?

In a  challenge to the ruling that only same-sex couples could enter into a  civil partnership, Rebecca Steinfeld  and Charles Keidan, objected to the  "patriarchal baggage of  marriage"  and  wanted  to secure  legal  recognition  of their seven  year  relationship  by entering into a civil partnership. They argued that the Government's position on civil partnerships is "incompatible with equality law".

Things Will work out

An author wouldn’t write a book without planning it first. A potential employee wouldn’t turn up to a job interview without doing some research on the company. A pregnant woman wouldn’t wait until her child was born before realising that she doesn’t have a place for the baby to sleep. In all walks of life, a well thought out, researched plan is needed to ensure things are done correctly.

How does BREXIT affect my debt in Europe?

The short and most truthful answer to this is…we don’t know!  Following the referendum to leave the EU, there is a great deal of uncertainty as to how particular laws will operate since a considerable amount of legislation governing the UK is tied to EU Law.


Unless you’ve been asleep, living in a cave, or, actually working, you’ll have found it impossible to miss the abundance of photos of a pregnant-with-twins Beyoncé: wearing a veil, taking an underwater swim, atop a red car, the list goes on.

Whilst the news (and accompanying photos) have proved mesmerising for her fans, and much of the world, a pregnant working woman is not a rare occurrence.

The Gig Is Up!

This week our Employment Team are bringing you a helpful roundup of the recent ‘gig economy’ cases on employment status, which remains a tricky area of law. Recently, the unexpected growth of the gig economy has resulted in employment tribunals being forced to revisit the issue of employment status in a more unconventional employment setting.

Are Robots After My Job?

Short answer – yes! In the last decade, we have seen a surge in automation – from self-checkouts and delivery by drones, to robots fixing, lifting and handling multiple tasks in production plants, and robust software in the financial sector.

When Ho Ho Ho, becomes Go Go Go!

Leaving a job or reducing staff has never been an easy task. But with 2017 approaching fast, employers and employees are looking to make changes for the New Year. But why over Christmas?

The Importance of Using Correct Terminology when writing a Will

Everyone knows that when making a Will it is vitally important to use clear and unambiguous language.  Many a homemade Will has failed to do what is intended due to the use of wrong wording.

Unfortunately the accusation of using improper words cannot just be targeted at the layman as a recent case has shown (The Royal Society v Robinson (2015)).

Baby Steps to Securing Your Child's Future

As a parent, and even as a future parent, we’ve all had the same thought: who is going to watch over my child when I’m no longer here?

Nuptial Agreements - A Good Idea?

Nuptial agreements are made between couples to set out how their property and finances will be dealt with if they were to separate. They can be made either before the marriage/civil partnership (“pre- nuptial agreements”) or during the marriage/civil partnership (“post- nuptial agreements”). Each nuptial agreement is personal to the individuals who enter into it. 

Help to Buy: Another Initiative Bites the Dust

The government’s decision to withdraw the Help to Buy Mortgage Guarantee scheme will have a major impact on first time buyers’ ability to get on the property ladder.

Business Beyond Bias

Did you know? The number of working-age adults living with autism increases every year, and yet according to a study carried out by The National Autistic Society (NAS), only 1 in 6 people with autism are in full-time work!