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General Election: Who's supporting your Workers Rights?

Democracy is apparently rife at the moment. This time last year we were in the midst of the Brexit campaign – with both the ‘leave’ and ‘remain’ camps finding themselves a permanent branch to perch on in headlines, daily news updates, social media trends, hashtags, and conversations all across the UK. Homes and offices stood divided, and remain so with the unexpected Leave result.

There's no smoke without Fyre

It's festival season and for many across the globe that means headlining acts, barrels of beer and those unforgettable port-a-loos, as visitors flock from all over the world for a few days of musical madness.

The dangers of subletting your property through Air BNB

Airbnb is becoming increasingly popular across the globe as an alternative to traditional holiday accommodation. In fact, Airbnb has gone beyond just a ‘holiday home’ arrangement. People are using sublet homes for entertaining and to host social events, and professionals are using them as a place to stay during the week to avoid long daily commutes into work.

Residential Nil-Rate Band

6 April 2017 saw big changes to the way in which inheritance tax is applied to a residential property forming part of a deceased person’s estate.  The government introduced a new residential nil rate band (RNRB) which starts at £100,000.00 for the 2017/18 tax year and will increase by £25,000.00 each tax year until 2020/21 when it will have reached £175,000.00.

You're fired!

You might remember when AOL CEO, Tim Armstrong, came under media scrutiny in 2013 for firing an employee in front of around 1,000 staff, which was recorded and leaked. Having to dismiss a member of staff is never a pleasant experience, but there is a best practice you can aspire to and a wealth of online resources to help you.

But first, let’s take a look at the worst approaches to dismissal!

Yours Sincerely, Nicole

Martin Schneider from Philadelphia was left shocked at the rude and dismissive responses he received to his emails at work, until he realised why.

Winding up Leyton Orient F.C.

In danger of being forced into liquidation, the winding up petition (“the Petition”) served upon the football club will now be heard on 20th March at the High Court. As many of you know, the Petition relates to unpaid tax bills.

Mind Your Own Business

When a couple divorces, or dissolves their civil partnership, there are lots of different factors to be taken into account when agreeing how to divide up the assets, and business interests and their value form part of these negotiations.

Address Unconscious Bias, Improve Engagement

"It's really simple," said Ian, who was four years old. "I just pick her up and turn her so she's walking towards something safe." He was talking about his two-year old sister, whom he'd been tasked with keeping out of trouble. Sure enough, she would walk until she hit a wall, for example, then she'd sit and play with whatever was at hand.

City Trader Fights to Cut Husband's Divorce Payoff

Divorce is a difficult time for most couples – emotions are usually running high, there is inevitably some degree of acrimony, and matters such as child arrangements and the division of assets need to be taken care of. If a couple cannot reach agreement on these matters, it will be for the courts to determine what each party is entitled to.

We're Hiring: Receptionist and Administrative Assistant

We are recruiting for an ambitious and enthusiastic Receptionist and Administrative Assistant.

Don't Suffer in Silence

You may have seen across social media the female cyclist that was catcalled by a man in a van as she commuted through London. The unnamed female was verbally abused by the man for refusing to hand out her number, the man called out “You on your period?” from outside his van window.