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Nuptial Agreements - A Good Idea?

Nuptial agreements are made between couples to set out how their property and finances will be dealt with if they were to separate. They can be made either before the marriage/civil partnership (“pre- nuptial agreements”) or during the marriage/civil partnership (“post- nuptial agreements”). Each nuptial agreement is personal to the individuals who enter into it. 


Fabric, the iconic London nightclub, is due to close its doors permanently after having its licence revoked by Islington Council. The Council’s decision follows the drug related deaths of two teenagers this summer and an undercover police investigation (‘Operation Lenor’) into the use and sale of drugs at the venue.

7 Strikes and Counting...

As England gears up for the junior doctors’ 7th strike this year, we take a brief look at the dispute that is affecting everyone.

What’s the row about?

The term “junior doctor” refers to those straight out of medical school right up to anyone who isn’t a Consultant.


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