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Unless you’ve been asleep, living in a cave, or, actually working, you’ll have found it impossible to miss the abundance of photos of a pregnant-with-twins Beyoncé: wearing a veil, taking an underwater swim, atop a red car, the list goes on.

Whilst the news (and accompanying photos) have proved mesmerising for her fans, and much of the world, a pregnant working woman is not a rare occurrence.

The Gig Is Up!

This week our Employment Team are bringing you a helpful roundup of the recent ‘gig economy’ cases on employment status, which remains a tricky area of law. Recently, the unexpected growth of the gig economy has resulted in employment tribunals being forced to revisit the issue of employment status in a more unconventional employment setting.

Nuptial Agreements - A Good Idea?

Nuptial agreements are made between couples to set out how their property and finances will be dealt with if they were to separate. They can be made either before the marriage/civil partnership (“pre- nuptial agreements”) or during the marriage/civil partnership (“post- nuptial agreements”). Each nuptial agreement is personal to the individuals who enter into it. 


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